We predicted Iran backed militias targeting Mecca six years ago
By Dr Walid Phares
Oct 27, 2016 - 5:38:43 PM

Anther prediction coming to materialize. Six years ago we projected that Iran backed Houthi will be targeting the Hejaz province in Saudi Arabia and Mecca and Medina. It happened today

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Six years ago, and one year before the "Arab Spring," we predicted an Iranian backed Houthi targeting of the Hejaz province in Saudi Arabia including Mecca and Medina. We wrote in a comprehensive article titled "Iran’s Global Terrorist Reach" published in July 2010, and few months before my book "The Coming Revolution" was published, the following

"By 2009, the Khomeinists had practically established a military enclave in the southern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, threatening Saudi Arabia and its most sensitive province, the Hejaz, home to Islam’s holiest shrines Mecca and Medina." The article was published in several outlets and on a number of Think Tanks web sites.

In this article and following pieces, as well as in "The Coming Revolution" we predicted that Iran's regime was investing in northern Yemen with the establishment of an enclave controlled by the Houthis. And that eventually this enclave will stretch and become a much larger zone aiming at the establishment of a pro Iran vassal state in the region. In this article we projected that military action will be taken by the Houthis against the Hejaz province and Mecca and Medina. In several briefings to Congress since we predicted that strategic weapons will be launched from Yemen to target Mecca and Medina eventually, and even more.

Now media reports have at last unveiled that Iran backed Houthis have launched long range missiles in the direction of Mecca. So it finally happened and the prediction was correct.التحالف-يعترض-صاروخا-باليستيا-أطلقه-الحوثيون-باتجاه-مكة.html

It is... to see that strategic predictions do happen over time once we apply a thorough analysis and assessment of the strategic intentions of radical forces. In this instance and many other instances before and after many of our projections were met with skepticism among mainstream circles and at times with Islamist lobbies insinuation of "conspiracy theories." It wasn't. In fact the greatest difficulty of geopolitical projections and predictions isn't the assessment by itself but the reception by mainstream opinion making circles, often cold, often in disbelief.

The shooting backed Iranian militias in Yemen, of long range missiles in the direction of Mecca, though intercepted by the Arab coalition air force, is another indication that the months and years ahead are filled with dark days. The question is about the next White House readiness to address these challenges.

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