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Sydney: "Global Jihadi ideology at work, used by individual activists"
By Dr Walid Phares
Dec 15, 2014 - 7:24:05 AM

Is the Iranian cleric who is holding hostages in Sydney a global Jihadi militant?

Global Iranian Jihadist

Australia releases possible name of hostage taker: Man Haron

Monis, an Iranian global Jihadist?

"Global Jihadi ideology at work, used by individual activists"

Australia TVs released the name of the Jihadi hostage taker in Sydney: Man Haron Monis. They also revealed he is a radical Iranian cleric who has made statements against the West, the US and threatened families of Australian military. The new information, added to the kind of flag used in the hostage taking, may turn the direction of the assessment into another direction. Being an Iranian Shiite would make it difficult for him to be part of the Salafi Sunni organizations such as ISIS or AQ. A search on FB found this photo of Mr Monis. Hence the so-called Islamic flag which Jihadists use versions of, can be used by any Jihadist if they chose so, including by ISIS, AQ or even Hezbollah or Iranian-backed groups, or similar factions. The flag is generic, taken from the global religious symbols, may be used by moderates and religious people in general, but can also be given a militant tone and used by global Jihadists, Shia or Sunni alike. So is the case with the bandana used by the suspect. In any case it is clear that a global Jihadi ideology is at work and is used by individual activists, even if they have personal stresses. However all this information needs to be reconfirmed by Australian authorities

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