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See you on the 9th
By Dr Walid Phares
Oct 28, 2016 - 7:34:33 AM

See you on the 9th, World

Few around the world realize that the next ten days in America are the most important ten days for the world—even more so than for the United States. The choice made here in America as to who will occupy the White House will set the geopolitical course for the next four, or possibly eight, years.

On November 9, Americans will go back to their daily activities while a new government is forming and preparing to step into power in January. Then there will be Thanksgiving, and Christmas—and Congressional bickering and politics as usual. Even though many Americans believe the decision in November will mean their own vision for America is dead, the world will not end—not for Americans.

For many other peoples, nations, countries and regions in the world, however, the choices we are making here in our ballot boxes—including the rigged ones if there are any—may actually mean the end of life as they know it. The decision made on November 8 will impact the entire planet. Depending on the outcome, some communities may vanish completely or may be able to rise from their ashes. Other countries may either split entirely or reunite. Wars will expand or shrink. Terror might strike wildly and nukes proliferate or politics stabilize. Economies might crumble or take off.

To Americans, it is a simple ten days. To other peoples, it is their entire future. The consequences of the decision made on November 8 will impact many around the world for at least the next decade. The global results of the last two elections should be instructive. The message should be clear. The world is less safe, more concerned and unstable—peoples are disoriented, and hopes that have been raised in some places have been subsequently deflated.

Hey, World! Pay attention to our ballot boxes! Your futures are also being determined on November 8. We will do our best to make the best choices, for we know that after the election, you will come to us to express your concerns, urge us to act, to speak up and to calm the storms everywhere trouble boils up. Right now, you may be watching our elections with amazement as an entertaining spectacle for your amusement. Soon, you will come to us with that pleading look on your faces, imploring Uncle Sam to step in with wisdom and clarity. And Americans? Now is the time for us to be wise, for not only our future is at play, but also the future of many peoples, countries, and regions. The World is watching.

See you on the 9th...

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